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  • What is a Teatox, and is it Safe?

    What is a Teatox and is it safe?In the world we live in today, detoxes are the “cool” way to flush out the toxins in one’s system. Anyway, we all know what a detox is. But what is a teatox? It is simple, really. Tea plus detox equals teatox. Basically, it’s a teatox diet plan to help one lose weight and boost energy. It is a total cleanse for your body.

    Although there aren’t many studies to prove their efficacy, most teatox brands claim that following a teatox cleanse can benefit the heart, skin and bones whilst also managing stress levels. They also go so far as to say that teatox cleanses can help maintain weight which is a struggle most people face today.

    There are questions most people ask regarding the teatox cleanse, besides what is a teatox. Questions like “can I eat while on teatox?” and “are there health risks associated with teatox?”. Now, it is time to put these questions to bed. Yes, you can eat while on a teatox cleanse, as most dietary plans allow you to eat healthy meals. You are allowed breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as small snacks in between.

    However, you have to refrain from caffeine, alcohol, meat, and excess junk food. What this means is that while on a teatox cleanse you have to stick to a healthy diet plan as you are trying to lose weight. This process also requires you to exercise as you normally would.

    Next comes the subject of safety and health risks. It is essential before using any product, to do a thorough research on the company that makes it and the ingredients that are used in the product. Despite all the pros of using teatox, there is one downfall. It contains an ingredient that has become a cause for concern. Many teatox brands use an FDA-approved herb called senna leaf which is used as a laxative. Though effective, this ingredient is known to cause diarrhea as well as cramps.

    Furthermore, senna leaf hasn’t been proven, as yet, to help with weight loss. What it does in fact is upset your stomach lining if used for an extended period of time. So, teatox might not exactly be safe and it might be some time before its effectiveness is proven.

    To answer the basic question, what is a teatox, it is an as yet untested method for cleansing your body of toxins and losing weight.

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