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  • What are the Most Common Weight Loss Questions?

    Common Weight Loss QuestionsIf you have embarked on a weight loss journey, you probably have a lot of questions plaguing your mind about the dos and don’ts of losing weight. You are eager to lose weight and every day that you have to stay away from your favorite foods seems harder than the previous one. You are hoping against hope that you come across a way to lose weight that doesn’t involve sacrifices, deprivation, backbreaking workouts or even saying ‘no’ to temptations.

    After every weight loss attempt, you tell yourself that this time would be different and that you will not give up. However, when the box of donuts takes a turn around your corner, there is hardly anything you can do to stop yourself from stuffing one donut after another into your face. There has to be a better way of losing weight or at least something that makes weight loss possible for people who love food too much. This, amongst some other common weight loss questions, is going to be answered in this article, so read on.

    Is There An Easier Way To Lose Weight?

    There is, actually. You can start every meal with a bowl of salad or steamed vegetables and follow that with whatever you want to eat. The catch is that you have to eat slowly and chew at least 30 times. Take at least half an hour for finishing the salad and then you can eat a small serving of whatever you desire and still lose weight. Unfortunately, you have to give up sodas completely. You cannot drink sodas because they do not make you feel full so you can finish gallons of soda and within an hour later you will feel hungry again.

    Do I Really Have To Exercise?

    Do you want to lose weight? Let’s say, if the answer to either one of the questions is yes, the answer to the next question will also be yes. However, exercise doesn’t have to be difficult or tiresome. Find an activity that you enjoy and then spend at least an hour doing it every day. No, this cannot be eating or watching TV and must be something that gets you moving. You can take up a sport, swim, play games, walk, run, kick box, dance, or do anything of the sort to lose weight.

    Can I Eat Dessert Every Day?

    One of the most common weight loss questions includes this one as well. The answer is going to make you happy. Yes, you can eat dessert every day. However, you need to eat desserts that are less than 200 calories. You can have half a serving of your favorite desserts if it is within 200 calories.

    Weight loss is all about being smart, as you can see from the answers of these weight loss questions. Your goals do not have to deprive you if you know how to eat in moderation and enjoy your favorite treats within limit.

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