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  • Is a Weight Loss Trip to Las Vegas Smart or a Recipe for Disaster?

    Weight Loss trip to Las Vegas According to CNN, when people want to shed some excess weight, they can opt for a vacation that will help them slim down, rather than going on a regular trip like they would in the past.

    The goal of these weight loss trips is to visit a retreat center, where you can get it away from it all and receive personalized advice on dieting and exercising. You can then use those tips to shed pounds while vacationing in a beautiful place. Plus, you can continue implementing what you learn into your daily life long after your vacation is over.

    While Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations, is this one of the smartest places to go for this type of experience, or is it a recipe for disaster?

    Lose Weight in Las Vegas by Sticking with a Weight Loss Resort 

    Las Vegas is a place where you should be able to indulge in everything you love, from food and drinks, to entertainment and shopping. But, if you want to get closer to achieving your weight loss goals while you’re there, consider booking your stay at a weight loss resort.

    Staying at a resort can help you focus on meeting your weight loss goals. Plus, you can receive the professional guidance you need to start making changes to your daily life in an effort to improve your heath and waistline.

    Can’t Stay at a Resort? No Problem! 

    If you can’t stay at a weight loss resort in Las Vegas, you can still take steps to have an active vacation that will help you slim down, and you can also follow smart strategies to avoid weight gain.

    Here are some of the ways that you can go about doing so:

    • There are loads of restaurants to choose from throughout Vegas, and spending a little bit of time researching the options will help you find the ones that will offer healthier, more nutritious menu items.
    • If you’re planning on going to one of the buffets in the city, be strategic. Check out what’s offered, and then start by eating the plant-based options, such as the fiber-rich and nutrient-dense vegetables, soups, and salads (avoid using heavy dressings).
    • When it comes to what to drink, stick with pure water instead of sugary beverages. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, if you have any at all.

    In addition to being careful about what you eat when you’re at a restaurant or buffet, you can also work on slimming down while in Vegas by getting active. Go for long walks, explore the many attractions, and don’t be afraid to venture outside the center of the city, as there are plenty of landscapes that you can explore as well.

    Here are some examples:

    • Go kayaking in the Colorado River
    • Go for a hike in the Valley of Fire
    • Go for a bike ride in Red Rock Canyon

    Bottom line 

    With the right plan, you can avoid weight gain, and perhaps achieve some weight loss, even if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas!

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