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  • Important Components of an Effective Weight Loss Exercise Plan for Women

    Parts of a Weight Loss Exercise Plan for Women

    Are you a woman who is hoping to start up a new exercise routine that will have you shedding pounds, slimming down, and building some muscle? Good for you! You have set a fantastic goal for yourself, but if you want to get great results, there are certain components that you should include in your plan.

    Check out the tips below on the most important components of an effective weight loss exercise plan for women so you can get started on the right track.


    According to Shape, cardio is an integral component to any effective workout strategy, including one for beginners. Aim to do it three times per week. Whatever cardio routine you do, make sure it is one that you enjoy so you will be more inclined to keep coming back for more. Also, be sure it is one that really gets your heart rate up so you can start burning more calories and fat. A couple great strategies include high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, and long-intensity steady-state, also known as LISS.  

    Strength Training 

    In addition to getting your heart rate up, be sure to do some strength training exercises, too. Building more muscle can help ensure your metabolic rate will be high even when you are at rest. Whether you use weights or not is up to you. Just aim to build up the strength of your muscles, as doing so can help you burn more fat and calories, and it can also help reshape your body. 


    Finally, don’t forget to give yourself at least one day per week to recover. This is important for your body, especially if you are putting it through a variety of strength training and cardio routines throughout the week. 

    Of Course, Diet Is Necessary Too! 

    You could follow the most effective possible workout routine, but it will still only get you so far if you are not eating healthy foods to support your body. So, in addition to the tips above, be sure to follow a low-calorie, portion-controlled diet that contains natural foods that give your body the energy and nourishment it needs.

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