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  • How to Build Your Healthy Weight Loss Habits in 21 Days

    Weight Loss in 21 DaysDid you know that, if you follow a pattern over the course of 21 days, you could establish a new habit? So, if you want to build some healthy weight loss habits, give it 21 days.

    You might be surprised by how much you can change your lifestyle and eating habits in less than a month. Check out the tips below to get started.

    Start with Your Morning Routine 

    Are your mornings currently filled with stress and anxiety because you are rushing around, making sure that you and your family are ready on time for the day ahead? Then it is time to change things, especially if you want to achieve weight loss in 21 days. After all, stress can contribute to weight gain!

    According to Harvard Health Publishing, one of the ways to build healthy habits for weight loss is by having breakfast each morning, and eating it mindfully. If this means getting up a little earlier, do it (just be sure to hit the sack earlier at night to make up for it).

    • Try to spend a minimum of 20 minutes having breakfast
    • Savor the flavors
    • Take sips of tea, coffee, or water in between some of your bites
    • Put your utensil down in between bites
    • Make sure you’re fully in the moment.

    Reduce Portions with Smaller Plates 

    Make it a habit to use smaller plates at every meal in an effort to limit the size of your portions. After all, portion control can be tough, as well as confusing, but the simple act of using smaller plates takes most of the guesswork out.

    Plus, by using a smaller plate, you will trick your mind into thinking that you’re eating more even though you aren’t, just because the dish looks fuller than its larger counterpart would with the same amount of food. This can result in you feeling less hungry even though you ate less food. Neat, right? 

    Try a 21-Day Workout Plan 

    There are a lot of trainers out there who are offering 21-day exercise plans designed to help you slim down and tone up. Find one that speaks to you, whether that’s a bodybuilding routine or a yoga schedule.

    By working out on a set schedule for nearly a month, you’ll get into the habit of exercising, and you’ll realize how amazing you feel, so you’ll likely want to keep going long after your 21-day plan is over.

    With the tips above, you can achieve healthy weight loss habits in 21 days. From starting your day with a nutritious, energizing breakfast that will keep you full until lunch, to controlling portions and exercising, there are many ways to shed excess weight. And, if you are consistent in your efforts over the course of a month or so, you’ll establish a whole new way of living that’s better for you.

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