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  • How Total Body Workouts Promote Weight Loss

    Total Body Workouts for weight lossOver the years, many fitness freaks have claimed total body workouts work better promote weight loss, mainly because you are targeting multiple parts of your body at the same time rather than just focusing on a single part. Here is how total body workouts promote weight loss:

    Increases Muscular Recovery Rates
    One of the reasons why you may not be able to progress with the workouts and ultimately quit is because your body finds it hard to recover. Total body workouts promote increases muscular recovery. This way you can easily recover from session to session with ease. Many people face difficulty in handling back to back workouts despite the fact they aren’t working on the same muscle. For these people, full body workouts are a blessing. The sooner you recover, the more you work out, which ultimately helps promote weight loss.

    Testosterone Boosts
    Doing exercises that involve full body movements and use as many muscle fibers as possible releases the greatest amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone helps you get leaner and makes it easier for your body to build muscle mass.

    Requires Less or No Equipment
    If you are too busy to go to the gym, total body exercises are the best option for working out at home. These workouts require a limited range of equipment. You can perform full body exercises right at home using some dumbbells. The lack of equipment required for full body exercises gives you little excuse to not work out regularly.

    Helps You Lose Fat
    Full body exercises are ideal if you want to lose excess body fat. If you are on a fat diet, this means you are eating fewer calories a day and this would mean your body would take a longer time to recover after an exercise session. However, because total body workouts help promote muscular recovery, you can still work out without getting too tired. Total body exercises are ideal for fat loss as each part of your body gets enough attention and hence you are able to burn calories at a higher rate.

    Lower Time Commitment
    If you want to lose weight fast, a total body exercise program is the ideal solution for you. Unlike other workouts, total body workouts require a lower time commitment which means you do not have to spend all your free time at the gym and can no longer make the excuse that you are too busy to work out.

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