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  • How Too Much Salt Intake Messes with Your Health

    too much salt intakeYou have probably already heard quite a bit about controlling your salt intake to remain healthy and strong. But how, exactly, could consuming too much salt actually mess with your health? Get the facts below so that you can have a better understanding of why salt can be so dangerous.

    It Could Affect Your Heart

    When most people think of the adverse effects of eating too much salt, they think of the cardiovascular system. And they are right in doing so. This is because salt causes your body to retain fluid, which could then lead to an increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure could then result in other serious problems, like heart failure and stroke. By controlling your salt intake, you can take an extra step towards keeping your blood pressure within the healthy range for your age.

    It Can Make Your Mind Feel Foggy

    best diet pills for weight managementIn addition to adversely affecting your physical health, having too much salt in your diet could even cause your brain function to decline. A study found that individuals who led sedentary lifestyles and who consumed a diet high in sodium had a bigger chance of showing cognitive decline than individuals who ate less salt.

    It Could Cause Stomach Problems

    A study that was published in 1996 determined that dying from stomach cancer was actually linked with salt consumption. Eating high amounts of salt could even cause stomach ulcers because it might have a negative effect upon the stomach’s lining.

    It Could Adversely Affect Your Kidneys

    You need sodium in your diet in order to balance the amount of fluid in your body. Your kidneys will receive signals regarding whether or not to retain water, but a diet that is high in salt could interfere with this process, thereby reducing the function of your kidneys. Your body will end up removing less water, leading to increased blood pressure, and this extra strain on your kidneys could even result in kidney disease or worsen existing kidney problems. Plus, too much salt could also raise your risk of kidney stones.

    For these reasons, and many more, you should avoid eating high amounts of salt in your diet every day. Occasionally consuming too much salt, such as when you go out to eat at a restaurant, shouldn’t do too much harm, but consistently eating a lot of salt can definitely take its toll on your overall health over time.

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