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  • How to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

    stop sugar addictionIf you don’t have a sweet tooth, lucky you! Sadly, not everyone is that fortunate and many people find themselves looking for something sweet to eat a few times a day. Eating sweetened foods becomes an addiction because when the sugar enters your bloodstream, it increases insulin production. Eventually, your body becomes insensitive to the increased insulin levels and soon you will find yourself 30 pounds heavier and addicted to sugar. So, to break this cycle, here are a few ways you can beat your sugar addiction:

    Snack throughout the Day
    If you consume a meal after being hungry for hours, you are more likely to binge on sweet items because your blood sugar is low. If you snack throughout the day, you are less likely to reach out for junk food or overeat. Consuming snacks that are rich in protein and fiber will help you stay full for longer. Nuts, pieces of cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy choices that will digest slowly in your stomach and will help you control your sugar addiction.

    Drink Water and Eat Salads before Meals
    Drinking water before meals will partially fill your stomach, so you will be consuming fewer calories. Drinking water before meals will also flush out the toxins from your stomach. On the other hand, eating salads before meals will help you soak up starch and sugar like a sponge. Any type of soluble fiber will help you do that, such as beans, carrots, oranges and apples.

    Drink Apple Cider Vinegar
    Starchy foods also spike up your blood sugar and apple cider vinegar is known to break down the sugars found in starch. If you are consuming starchy foods, such as bread, pasta or rice, apple cider vinegar can be effective. It doesn’t work on other sugars, so don’t expect it to keep sugar from a candy bar from entering your bloodstream.

    Eating Lots of Cooked Vegetables
    As mentioned before, vegetables contain soluble fiber and when consumed it absorbs all the sugar. So, when cooking vegetables, keep them from being soggy. If vegetables absorb too much water, they won’t be able to absorb sugar and starch anymore. So, eat crisp vegetables that will absorb sugar. Soluble fiber also digests slowly, so you stay full for longer.

    You Can Have Desserts, Occasionally
    If you follow all these tips and control your sugar addiction, chances are your insulin levels will not spike anymore. This means when you do eat something sweet, it will not directly run to your bloodstream. The soluble fiber, protein and vinegar are like a protective team to keep your blood sugar in control.

    Exercising also helps you control your insulin levels, plus you will be burning calories as well. When your muscles are in action, they consume a lot of glucose for energy. So, exercise regularly, or at least take a short walk after every meal.

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