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  • Slimming Core Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

    Slimming Core WorkoutsEveryone wants to work out their core. This is a great area to slim down that will make your pants fit better and will keep you looking thin and fit. Core workouts are going to help you to get this done. Here are some of the best core workouts that you can do anywhere in order to get fit and lean in no time.

    Jump Rope
    This is a great workout that you can do no matter where you are. You can get a rope and pretend like you are in elementary school again or just do the motions with your feet. This is going to work on your balance and your coordination while also keeping the tummy tight and working on the legs. You can even hop forward and backwards as well as side to side to work the hips a bit more.

    Burpees are a great way to work your core as well as every other part of your body. Doing at least ten of these in a minute will help you to lose more weight than running each minute. You will work your legs, arms, and your whole core with this workout in no time at all. Make sure to do at least a few sets of these throughout your exercise in order to get one of the best core workouts possible.

    Hip thrusts
    For these, you will lay down on the ground with your knees up. At a steady pace, you will raise up your hips as high as you can and then lower down. You will just raise the hips up and down for a few minutes or until you are tired and then increase the number later on. This is a great workout for the hips and the stomach.

    Bicycle crunches

    While you are on the ground, you can move over to this other core workout. You will put the legs up in the air and raise your shoulders off the ground. Now move the legs around so that you are riding a bike in the air. Continue to do this for a few minutes. You will be able to work out a lot of different parts of the body including the stomach, legs, and thighs.

    Try out a few of these great core workouts to get the stomach, thighs, and hips all in working order for the summer.

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