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  • Workout Moves that Help to Shape Your Entire Body

    exercises to shape your entire bodyAre you searching for ways to make your workout routine even more efficient and effective? Then consider adding the following moves to your schedule. These are designed to help shape your entire body, which means that you could get more done in a shorter amount of time and get better results. Who wouldn’t want that?

    A Better Kind of Squat

    While a regular squat will only work on your lower body muscles, this advanced squat will be able to target the legs and butt, as well as the triceps and shoulders. So you can basically work both your upper body and lower body at the same time!

    Start by standing with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart. Turn your toes outward and hold a dumbbell in your hands. Choose a weight that’s appropriate for you to start with and then use a heavier weight as you get stronger.

    Lower your body into your typical squat, but then stand up fast, swinging the arms forward and up in an arc until they’re above your head. Then bend the elbows 90°, bringing the weight behind the head before extending up again, getting into the triceps.

    Swing the weight down in the arc again as you simultaneously lower into your squat. Repeat this movement for a minute, and start to feel the muscles burn and your heart rate increase for added calorie burn.

    A More Challenging Burpee

    An exercise known as the walkout burpee takes your already challenging burpee to a new level. This one workout will target your legs, butt, arms, shoulders, and core. Wow!

    Start by standing with your feet about hip-width apart and have a dumbbell in each hand. Make your way down to the floor, placing the dumbbells down and walking your hands out while gripping the weights until you are in a plank pose. Then jump your feet in towards the hands. Next, jump up into the air as you bring the weights in front of your shoulders and up to the sky overhead.

    Complete the movement by lowering the weights down to the shoulders and then to your sides. Repeat this movement for a minute and focus on your breathing, as this doubles as a great way to increase your heart rate too.

    These are just two of many workout moves that could help strengthen multiple muscle groups at once. Enhance your workout routine with these exercises, so you can save time while still achieving amazing results. And remember to start slow and work your way up to more reps and heavier weights.

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