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  • You Know the 30 Minute Post-Workout Nutrition Refueling Rule? Forget it!

    Post-Workout Nutrition Refueling

    You have likely heard about the 30-minute post-workout nutrition refueling rule, but experts have realized that you don’t really need to follow that rule after all. Basically, the belief w00000-as that, if you didn’t get enough protein and carbs within a half hour of finishing your workout, you would be compromising your body’s ability to recover.

    This belief stemmed from decades-old research that told researchers that the body’s stores of glycogen were able to rebound in a shorter span of time when you ate enough carbohydrates within the right time period after a tough exercise routine. Beyond that, more muscle was gained when you ate enough protein in the short time period following your workout.

    New research is always being released, though, so these old post-workout nutrition rules are now being seen in a new light. Continue reading to learn about what experts now have to say about post-workout nutrition.

    New Research, New Rules

    According to Running Magazine, the old studies that used to talk about the 30-minute post-workout rule weren’t as flawless as people previously thought. For one thing, there was a control group that was provided with a placebo that didn’t contain any protein, and then they were allowed to eat 25 grams of protein a few hours later. Therefore, the group that was given the protein ended up eating double the amount of protein as the control group.

    What the experts also found was that, when you eat 25 grams of protein before you exercise, it is actually just as helpful as it is when you eat it after your workout. And, it is also effective even if you end up eating your high-protein snack several hours after you are done working out.

    What Should You Do?

    What does this all mean in terms of post-workout nutrition? Well, as long as you eat a meal before you exercise, your recovery will probably be just fine, so you don’t need to worry about eating within 30 minutes after your workout as well. Also, even if you can’t eat anything until your next meal a few hours later, your body will be able to recover, provided that you haven’t been fasting before your exercise routine.

    Fueling your body properly is the best way to maintain your health, your muscle mass, and your workout recovery. Focus more on eating throughout the day, and on consuming a variety of nutritious, natural foods. Your body will take care of the rest.

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