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  • How to Tell if Your Phentermine Pill is Extended Release

    Phentermine extended releaseIf you have been prescribed Phentermine by your doctor, or if you are thinking about talking to your doctor to find out if Phentermine prescription weight loss pills would be right for you and safe for you to take, you might be wondering if the extended release version is appropriate. And you might also be wondering if your Phentermine pill is the extended release version or not if you already have it in your possession. To get all the answers, check out the information below.

    The Way Phentermine Looks

    One thing that you should know is that Phentermine pills are actually manufactured by various pharmaceutical businesses, so the pills will come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, you might receive a prescription of Phentermine that is in the form of tablets, or you might end up getting capsules instead.

    Most often, Phentermine diet tablets will be white and they will feature blue speckles. However, you might also get a prescription of Phentermine that comes in the form of white tablets without the blue speckles. Many people associate the white tablets with blue speckles to Phentermine, though, as that is how Adipex-P, which is the most well known Phentermine brand, looks.

    Regarding Release Times

    Phentermine needs to be released throughout the day after you take it in order for it to be as effective as possible. Therefore, a manufacturer will design the pills in a manner that will allow for the perfect release time. Basically, an inactive ingredient is included in the formation of the tablet in order to control just how quickly the active ingredient is released and absorbed by your body.

    In order to really know if any prescription, including one for a weight loss pill, is an extended release formula, you should ask your doctor, as well as check the paperwork that comes with your prescription. You might even look at the pills themselves, as they will often have the dosage engraved on them, and the letters “XR” might be used to indicate “extended release.”

    Interested in Phentermine Alternatives?

    Don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a Phentermine prescription and potentially dealing with its side effects? But do you still want the results that this product can provide? Then consider an over-the-counter alternative like PHENBLUE. These white and blue capsules will give you sustained energy and diet support, so you can burn fat throughout the day.

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