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  • Phentermine adipex difference

    Though Phentermine and Adipex are technically the same drug because they include the same primary ingredient – phentermine hydrochloride – there are still some differences that you should recognize before you decide to fill a prescription for one or the other. Many of the differences are quite small, but they are worth knowing if you are going to be using these drugs to help you to lose weight.

    Though both pills are diet drugs that are designed to help you to reduce your weight through appetite suppression and an energy boost, Phentermine is the generic form of the drug, while Adipex is a brand name version. This means that the active ingredient is the same, but the pills may be slightly different and made by different manufacturers.

    Moreover, though Adipex comes in two forms – the capsule and the tablet – that each have a dose of 37.5mg, Phentermine comes in both of those versions and also has a resin capsule.

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    Other than that, they are both used in the exact same way. The tablets are 37.5mg and are fast acting. They can be taken whole or they can be split so that half doses can be taken, instead of the full dose all at once. Some dieters have half pills prescribed to be taken once first thing in the morning, and once shortly before lunchtime. This helps to carry the effect for a longer time throughout the day. That said, the standard way to take these diet pills is to swallow them whole before breakfast.

    When it comes to the capsule form, this different version of Adipex and Phentermine is taken for a time release effect that lasts throughout the day. This pill, unlike the tablet, cannot be split. Cutting, crushing, chewing, or otherwise breaking these pills puts the user at risk of having too much of the formula enter the body all at once. This can cause powerful and unpleasant side effects that could even be dangerous.

    No matter what time of Phentermine or Adipex is prescribed to you, make sure that you understand the directions very well and that you follow them carefully. If you have any questions about how to take these pills be certain to ask your doctor or the pharmacist so that you won’t risk taking the pills in a way that will reduce their effect, cause you to experience stronger side effects, or put you at an increased risk of becoming addicted and experiencing withdrawal symptoms.