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  • Light and Healthy Non Dairy Milk Recipes

    Drink Non Dairy Milk RecipesHere’s the thing: milk from a cow, or even a goat, is designed to help a baby animal grow very big very quickly. So it really is no wonder that dairy is inflammatory, difficult to digest, and fattening. A lot of people are realizing that dairy isn’t all that good for them, so they are switching to non dairy milks instead, especially since there are so many delicious options available, from soy and rice milk, to hemp, hazelnut, almond, coconut, and more.

    If you want to add yummy non dairy milks to your daily life, check out the following light and healthy non dairy milk recipes that you can try if you want to make these milks right at home. It’s easier than you think, and you’ll be in total control over the quality of the ingredients! Feel free to use these milks in all of your favorite recipes, from desserts to smoothies.

    Any Nut Milk
    Nut milks are hugely popular because they’re super nutritious and taste great. You can choose your favorite nuts and get milk from them right at home. Purchasing nuts in bulk at your farmer’s market or grocery store is a great way to save.

    You can choose from cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. To make a creamy milk, soak about a cup of your preferred nuts in 2 to 3 cups of water for 10 to 12 hours. Then mix your nuts with 1½ cups of water so you can blend them, strain them, and repeat.

    Sesame Milk
    Sesame milk is delicious, and you might not be able to find it in stores, so this is one of those special healthy non dairy milk recipes that you may not have heard of before.
    Start by dry grinding a cup of raw sesame seeds using your blender. Then add 2 cups of water and blend it all again. Strain and enjoy!

    Hemp Milk
    Drinking more hemp milk is a super easy and tasty way to get more healthy fats into your daily diet, especially if you’re following a plant-based diet and you want to avoid fish and fish oils.
    All you have to do to make your own hemp milk at home is mix 2½ cups of water with 1½ cups of hemp seeds. Then blend the mixture and strain it to indulge in your milk.

    You can use these healthy non dairy milk recipes to add more plant-based options into your diet. Use these in your coffee or tea, with your cereal, and anywhere else you’d normally use dairy milk.

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