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  • Ready to Get Fit With the Most Popular Sport by Decade?

    Most Popular Sport by DecadePlaying sports is a fantastic way to get fit and to lose weight, as they challenge your body in a variety of ways. In addition to being a great option when you are in search of an effective aerobic workout that will really get your heart rate up and get you burning through fat and calories with greater ease, sports are also one of the best ways to build up the strength of the muscles throughout your body (have you seen the legs of professional soccer players?!).

    Because there are so many different sports to choose from, though, it might be a bit of a challenge to know where to even begin if you are first diving into incorporating sports into your exercise routine. One way to get ready to get fit is by following the most popular sport for your birth year. This is a fun method that you can try, and you can always incorporate more and more sports into your workout routine as you go along in order to keep things interesting and to prevent boredom with your exercise routine.

    Most Popular Sport by Decade

    To find out which was the most popular sport during your birth year, check out the list of decades below and the sports that were the most beloved during that era.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1920s

    Way back in the 1920s, the national pastime in America was baseball, making it the most popular sport of the decade. More and more people were attending baseball games for fun, and even more people were simply following the sport and all of the games that were being played. On top of that, people were also playing baseball more often just for fun with their friends, as they enjoyed it more than the other sports of the time. In fact, the most popular athlete of the decade was George Herman Ruth, who was well known simply as Babe Ruth. He played professional baseball for the New York Yankees, and he was a role model for many aspiring athletes of the time, as well as athletes that would follow in the years to come.

    Baseball, however, was not the only popular sport of the 1920s, so if you aren’t a big fan of the sport, you have other options that you can incorporate into your workout routine. People of that era also enjoyed college football, which grew in popularity at a surprising rate. One of the most beloved college football teams of the time was Notre Dame, and the Rose Bowl was also watched by the masses.

    In addition to baseball and college football, though, boxing was also a popular sport during the 1920s, and there were also many fans of other sports, such as tennis and golf. On the other hand, basketball and professional football were still considered minor in the world of sports.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1930s

    After the Great Depression, Americans in the 1930s found themselves with less money, but many of them were also out of work, so they had more time to spend playing sports and watching their favorite sporting events in the 30s to get their mind of their troubles.

    Baseball remained the most popular sport in the country throughout the 1930s, so if you are a big fan of baseball or softball and you were born in the 1930s, you can definitely consider incorporating this fun sport into your workout schedule.

    In addition to baseball, however, boxing was still also still considered one of the most popular sports during the 1930s. And football also continued to grow in popularity, with teams like the New York Giants making a name for themselves. Again, if you aren’t very fond of baseball, you can include other sports, such as football or boxing, into your workout routine.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1940s

    Baseball and football continued to remain popular throughout the 1940s, but other sports also grew during this decade. Basketball was also considered the most popular sport during the 1940s, especially as more and more men were being sent off to fight in the war. That’s because there were a lot of players left at home because of their height.

    With fewer players left to play baseball, spectators turned to the Basketball Association of America, which allowed outstanding basketball players to finally get the recognition that they deserved. And, before the end of the decade, the National Basketball Association (NBA) was also formed.

    Not a big fan of basketball? Well, football also continued to grow in popularity during the 1940s, and golf also grew in popularity, particularly among women, who played it more than men did at the time. The Women’s Professional Golf Association and the Ladies Professional Golf Association were both formed in the ‘40s.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1950s

    The economy started to grow during the 1950s, so Americans had more time and money to spend on leisure activities now that the war was over. More and more people started to participate in sports, but the most popular sport in the 1950s was very much the same as in prior decades, so if you were born during this era, consider incorporating some baseball, softball, basketball, boxing, and football into your workout routine.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1960s

    In addition to the sports that remained popular from previous decades, the 1960s also saw a growth in popularity in the world of golf and ice hockey. Tennis also grew in popularity during this time period.

    Baseball still reigned supreme in terms of being the most popular sport in the country during the ‘60s, but there was a definite rise in recognition for other sports like football and basketball, with professional organizations bringing the games to more and more people.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1970s and the 1980s

    More people than ever before had a TV in their home in the ‘70s, so there was a rise in watching sports, in addition to playing them and attending games in person. And that trend continued into the 1980s.

    With major leagues and outstanding teams of professional athletes, the most popular sports continued to be football, baseball, and basketball, but hockey was also becoming increasingly popular with the rise of inspiring athletes like Wayne Gretzky. That said, whether you want to take to the ice or not, consider adding hockey to your workout routine for some extra fun.

    The Most Popular Sport of the 1990s and Early 2000s

    By the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, many of the same sports that remained popular throughout the 1900s were still very popular, but more and more pro athletes were making names for themselves and inspiring people to follow in their footsteps in other sports as well.

    Basketball and tennis were extremely popular during this time period, and cycling also become even more popular too. Plus, when women won the World Cup, soccer also increased in popularity in America. Furthermore, athletes like Tiger Woods continued to inspire people to get on the green to play some golf, while the Olympics encouraged people to try something different, such as gymnastics or ice skating. So many sports to choose from!

    Have Fun with the Most Popular Sport of Your Birth Year!

    Did you guess the most popular sport for your birth year before reading through the decades above? If so, congrats! Now it’s time to give that sport a try, even if you have never played it, or if you haven’t played it in many years since you were a kid in gym class. Remember to keep your safety in mind, focusing on proper form as you would with any other exercise, and make it a point to have some fun so it won’t even feel like a workout.

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