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  • What the Dietitians Say – The Top 3 Metabolism Boosting Foods They Love

    Dietitians Recommend These Metabolism Boosting Foods

    Did you know that you can support a healthy metabolism with the foods that you eat every day? It’s true! In fact, by incorporating more of the metabolism boosting foods below into your diet, you might start to notice that losing weight isn’t as much of a challenge. Of course, the rest of your diet should also be packed with healthy foods and drinks, and you should also make it a point to exercise consistently for the best results, especially if you are hoping to slim down.

    Check out the three metabolism boosting foods below, and consider adding them to your meal plans to support your weight loss efforts.

    1. Black Beans

    You might not think of the black bean as a food that can boost your metabolism, but it is. Packed with protein (there are 7 to 9 grams of protein in just ½ cup of cooked black beans), this is a great food to add to your meal plan when you want to lose weight and build muscle. Beyond that, black beans are known for their fiber content, which can also help you shed the excess weight and keep your digestive system healthy. Go ahead and prepare some tasty black beans with nutritious quinoa or brown rice for a protein-packed, simple meal.

    2. Avocado

    If you love eating avocado toast and guacamole, you are in luck! According to Prevention, avocado is one of the metabolism boosting foods that you can add to your diet without undoing your weight loss and fitness efforts. With healthy fats and all of the nine essential amino acids that your body needs, avocado is a smart addition to a healthy eating plan. Plus, there are 2 grams of protein in just half of an avocado, which can help support your muscles if you are working on building strength.

    3. Spinach

    Need another reason to add more leafy greens to your diet? It turns out that spinach can help increase your metabolism. It contains nutrients like energizing B vitamins, as well as protein (a cup of cooked spinach will provide your body with 5 grams of protein), so you will be ready to tackle a challenging workout and reap the muscle-building benefits of it.

    With the right metabolism boosting foods in your diet, you can take yet another smart step towards losing weight and getting in shape in order to improve your overall health. So, what are you waiting for? With so many tasty and nutritious recipes that include the foods above, there is no reason to delay making your diet even better than it is.

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