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  • Healthy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Good

    How to Make Vegetables Taste GoodIf you or anyone in your family is not a big fan of the way vegetables taste, it could be very difficult to get the recommended amount of veggies and greens into your daily diet for optimal health. However, there are some really easy ways that you can make vegetables taste good without having to compromise the health benefits that they can provide. Check out the healthy cooking tips below so that you can start to love eating your veggies.

    Dress Your Veggies Up in Oil
    The right types of oils can be beneficial to your health, especially when they provide omega-3 fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation throughout the body naturally. When you cook vegetables with the right oils, such as olive oil, you can add flavor without having to worry about adding anything unhealthy.

    To give it a try, start by drizzling extra virgin olive oil on your vegetables, such as broccoli, along with some salt and pepper. Then place the veggies on a baking sheet and bake them for roughly 40 minutes at 375°F.

    Don’t Boil Your Vegetables
    Boiling your vegetables will not make them tasty, will make them spongy and give them an unattractive texture, and will also cause some of the nutrients in the food to leech out, reducing the health benefits that the veggies can provide. Instead, stick with steaming your vegetables, or you can even use a healthy oil to pan fry or create a delicious stir-fry.

    Start Blanching Your Vegetables
    To make vegetables tastegood for any meal, you can also try a cooking technique known as blanching. This is used widely by Asian cooks, and it involves first steaming your veggies for around 30-60 minutes and then removing them from the heat. Drop the veggies into cold water immediately, as that will stop any strong and unpleasant flavors, such as bitter flavors, from developing. As mentioned above, you can then go ahead and stir-fry your vegetables to preserve their yummy flavors and cook them quickly and easily.

    Add Flavorful Sauces
    After cooking up your vegetables, you can use a low-calorie dipping sauce or drizzle a flavorful, low-sodium sauce over them in order to add a pleasant flavor while still getting all of the health benefits of eating your veggies.

    These are just a few of the healthy ways that you can make vegetables tastegood whether you want to change your diet for your overall wellbeing or you are focused on losing weight. If you want to lose extra pounds more easily, consider not only eating more veggies, but also taking a product like PhenBlue.

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