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  • 5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Healthier This Year

    Make Thanksgiving Healthier This YearThanksgiving is a blessed occasion that gives your loved ones the chance to reunite under one roof, probably after a long time. The blessing of Thanksgiving is all the more meaningful due to the fact that it comes only once a year, but there are some people who might hate the thought of it because they end up packing on some extra pounds during the holiday season. Nobody really likes to get fat, but that is one thing to which Thanksgiving usually leads. The fat you pack on during the holiday season might be your worst nightmare ever, and there is no way for most of us to dodge Thanksgiving feasts entirely.

    However, just because you have to attend Thanksgiving does not mean you cannot make it healthier. Of course you can! Follow these five steps to make Thanksgiving healthier and stay in perfect shape during the holiday season:

    Replace the Unhealthy with Healthy

    The heaps of extra food that are cooked and consumed during Thanksgiving are mostly fattening, which is also one of the main reasons why people put on the most weight during their Thanksgiving dinners. Search the internet for recipes and substitute all of the calorie-filled dishes with ones that are tastier yet pack fewer calories in order to make Thanksgiving healthier.

    Avoid Skipping Meals on Thanksgiving Day

    A lot of people make the mistake of skipping meals throughout the day just so they will have enough room for the scrumptious dinner their mothers have planned. Avoid doing this at all costs. When you starve yourself throughout the day, you are more than likely to eat at least three servings of your Thanksgiving dinner, which will in turn make you pack on the calories you have been trying so hard to avoid.

    Brisk Walking after Dinner

    Plan a post-dinner walk on Thanksgiving and take someone with you if you fear you will get bored. Besides, having a workout partner is always motivating and inspiring. Take a long, brisk walk after you have eaten dinner. Studies have shown post-dinner walking sessions lead to a healthier metabolism.

    Don’t Just Sit There

    Once done with the dinner, make yourself useful by volunteering to help clean up the mess. If you keep moving around a little, the extra calories are sure to start wearing off soon and won’t affect you as badly as they may have in past years. You will thereby make Thanksgiving healthier in a simple but effective way.

    Don’t Overdo It

    Stick to small portions of food and help yourself to two small servings if you want, but if the size of your servings is double the size of how much you eat on a regular basis, resist the urge to grab another serving. No matter how much you think you need it, you don’t.

    So these are some easy ways you can make thanksgiving healthier and ensure you don’t pack on the pounds this time around.

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