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  • Healthy Restaurant Ordering Hacks that Help You Drop More Weight

    healthy restaurant ordering hacks Eating at a restaurant every now and then is a great way to get out of the kitchen for a bit and let someone else do all of the cooking, serving, and cleaning for a change. But whether you’re heading out to relax, go on a date, or celebrate, the foods that you order could throw your weight loss journey off course. So check out the healthy restaurant ordering hacks below to ensure you’ll be able to continue dropping those extra pounds while indulging at your favorite restaurants.

    Avoid the Free Bread, Tortilla Chips, Etc.
    If you’re at a restaurant that provides you with a free food to snack on as you order, just ask the waiter to remove it so you don’t end up consuming more calories or carbs than you should. So whether you have a tempting bread basket in front of you at an Italian restaurant or there are tortilla chips set out at a Mexican restaurant, stick to ordering your meal only.

    Read the Details
    Many restaurant menus today will have a lot of details about their appetizers and entrees that were never on the menu before. Things like whether a dish is gluten free, vegan, low-fat, low-carb, or even low-glycemic are now accessible on a menu, but they might be in the fine print at the bottom of a page. Look for these details if you’re hoping to stick to your diet, and consume only low-sodium, low-fat, and low-calorie foods.

    Place Your Order Before Anyone Else
    When it comes to healthy restaurant ordering, it’s a good idea to place your order before anyone else in your party. This is so that you can order what you think you should eat after reviewing the entire menu without being tempted to change your order based upon what someone else has ordered.

    Order Appetizers Only
    Rather than getting a large entrée, order some healthy side dishes, a salad, and some soup, or perhaps get a couple of appetizers that will fill you up. You can taste a variety of flavors and fill yourself up surprisingly well with this tactic.

    With these healthy restaurant ordering hacks, you can head out to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal without ruining your diet and regretting your decision later on. And remember that if you’re taking a product like PhenBlue, this diet pill will help you stay on track too.

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