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  • Bad Sleep Habits Make it Hard to Lose Weight, says Study

    Sleep Struggles Make it Hard to Lose Weight

    Are you finding it hard to lose weight? Then you might want to analyze your sleep patterns to ensure you are getting plenty of rest. That’s because it turns out that bad sleep habits make it hard to lose weight! Keep reading to see what we mean.

    Most People Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep 

    The truth is that a lot of people are either overweight or obese, and many people also aren’t getting the uninterrupted sleep that they need every night.

    If you are not getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night, you are likely spending your days feeling tired, which is definitely going to make it harder for you to lead an active lifestyle that burns calories and fat.

    Beyond that, however, when you don’t get enough sleep, various aspects of your health, from your memory to your circulation, can be adversely impacted as well. Plus, on top of all of that, a lack of good quality sleep may even make it hard to lose weight when you are overweight or obese.

    The Results of a Study Shed Light on Weight Loss and Sleep Patterns 

    According to Medical News Today, a study found that individuals who didn’t sleep for the same amount of time each night lost fewer pounds after a year compared to individuals who were able to follow a consistent pattern of sleep each night.

    Also, individuals who slept for less than six hours every night weren’t able to lose as many inches in their waist circumference compared to people who were able to get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

    But, it doesn’t even stop there! When regular sleep patterns are established, BMI can also decrease more than if you follow an irregular sleep pattern. Interesting, right?

    Want to Lose More Weight? Get More Sleep! 

    Whenever you find it hard to lose weight, take a look at how you’re sleeping. Are you going to bed around the same time every night and waking up around the same time every morning? Are you getting roughly the same number of hours of sleep every night? Are you feeling good enough during the day to keep up with an active lifestyle that includes eating right and exercising? And, are you getting enough hours of sleep (seven to nine) every night? All of these factors can play a role in how much weight you lose, so don’t neglect the importance of rest.

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