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  • Are Gummy Vitamins as Good as Tablets and Capsules?

    Are Gummy Vitamins as Good?

    Gummy vitamins aren’t just for kids; there are many vitamin producers who are now offering these types of vitamins for adults as well. Super easy to get your dose of vitamins and minerals every day, these are an attractive choice if you don’t particularly like swallowing pills, or if you simply want to have a tasty treat as a means to remember to take your vitamins.

    Here’s the problem, though: are gummy vitamins really as good as vitamins in capsule or tablet form? To get the answer to this question, keep reading.

    Manufacturing Difficulties Worth Considering

    Before you head out to purchase some gummy vitamins that you can start taking to ensure your nutritional gaps are filled, consider the fact that, according to Time, these vitamins are harder to manufacture than capsules and tablets.

    When experts performed a supplement analysis in 2017, they discovered that a whopping four out of five gummy vitamins didn’t have the right amounts of ingredients. They either had less or more of the amounts listed on the label.

    Plus, here’s another unnerving fact: because a lot of manufacturers have difficulty when it comes to maintaining control over the amount of the ingredients in their gummies, some of them will spray nutrients on the outside of the gummies so that the nutrients form a sort of coating. Not good!

    On top of that, gummy supplements are more likely to fail when it comes to testing, and stability issues make these vitamins lose their potency as time passes, causing some producers to use a greater amount of certain nutrients, even if that amount doesn’t match what the label states. They do this to help ensure that, by the time you’re eating your gummy vitamin, you are indeed getting the amount that’s on the label. Well, you certainly don’t want to risk taking in excessive amounts of certain nutrients, so this isn’t a good thing either!

    You Don’t Need the Extra Sugar

    Finally, when you take a vitamin in gummy form, you are ingesting extra sugar than you would if you were taking the same supplement in the form of a pill. Because experts advise cutting back on sugar, this is yet another reason why switching from gummies to pills might be best for you.

    Ultimately, gummies might seem like a tasty, easy, and fun way to take your supplements, but they actually aren’t the best way to get your vitamins. So, in addition to eating a nutritious diet that is filled with foods that are naturally high in vitamins and minerals, take your supplements in tablet or capsule form to help ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients, without the added sugar.

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