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  • How to Eat Fast but Healthy

    How to Eat Fast but Healthy

    Eating healthy every day is important, but when you lead a really busy lifestyle, sometimes you just don’t have time to cook up a healthy meal. So, you likely find yourself, at least every now and then, grabbing a quick bite to eat while you’re on the go. But who says you need to sacrifice eating right just because you’re short on time? It turns out that, with the right strategy, like the tips listed below, you can certainly eat fast but healthy, so you can stay on track.

    Eat Fast But Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants with These Tips

    When deciding to eat healthy, fast food doesn’t seem like a right choice. The convenience that comes with burgers, fries and carbonated beverages leads to quick weight gain as well. It might sound contradictory but there are good choices for you. There is a way through which you can eat fast but healthy.

    1. Stick with Fast Food Menu Items That Are Healthier

    After an overhaul by fitness enthusiasts, there are now several fast food chains that offer healthy meals. No one can ignore obesity as a general lifestyle issue. Half the world is facing it and to cope with such problems and maintain their demand, fast food chains are trying their best to provide healthy options with convenience.

    1. Side Items and Appetizers Might Not Be Healthy

    Since the reason we prefer fast food is the additional calories we get in the form of preservatives, additives and extra cheese, changing it completely into healthy food will kill the purpose. However, there are a few items on the menus of major fast food outlets that are healthier than others. These few items are slightly different as they are free from most ingredients that junk food contains and have fewer calories.

    Common sense guides you towards the side items and appetizers, but these are not the only healthy options you have. Salad seems like an obvious choice to many, but it’s more of a misconception that you are eating few calories since salads have raw fruits and veggies, but don’t forget it’s loaded with condiments, toppings, beans, chicken chunks and heavy, creamy dressings. So what about the sandwiches, you may ask, as it is considered the next best healthy choice. But the case isn’t any different with them as they are filled with the similar ingredients to boost the flavor.

    1. Don’t Get the Biggest Size

    In order to eat fast but healthy, all you have to do is take control of your food and be cautious about what you eat. At all costs, you will have to change your habits about avoiding the main course offered by these outlets. Don’t ever make the mistake of upsizing. Avoid fries and carbonated drinks. Whatever you order, ask the waiter to minus all the additional toppings, dressing and sauces. You can’t do much with the combos and deals offered so it’s always better to order separate items. Do a little math and inquire about the calories.

    1. Go Plant-Based as Much as Possible

    The trick to eat fast but healthy is to lean towards veggies. Since more people are opting for a vegetarian approach most outlets offer the choices for it. Anything with vegetables as the main ingredient has fewer calories than those with meat or beef as they are treated with oil and highly flavored. Vegetables, in contrast, are not heavily greased. Even if you are choosing a chicken or meat patty for your burger, always select a grilled or steamed one. They are lighter than the fried ones.

    Other Ways to Eat Fast but Healthy 

    According to HelpGuide, there are several other easy tips that you can follow when you want to eat fast but healthy. Those include:

    • Carefully look at the menu to determine which meals will allow you to consume only 500 calories or less
    • Ask about the sodium content in the menu items, and stick with those items that are lowest in sodium
    • Stay away from breaded and fried menu items whenever possible, and opt for those items that are roasted or grilled
    • Ditch the bacon, mayo, and cheese every time, in order to cut back substantially on calories and fat
    • Order the veggie burger
    • Try to find those menu items that would give you the biggest dose of fiber 

    Surprisingly Easy Ways to Eat Fast But Healthy

    So, these are some effective ways you can continue to eat fast but healthy. Whether you are running errands on your own, you’re out with your family having fun, or you’re enjoying a day out with your friends, if you ever find yourself having to stop for a quick bite to eat, be smart by following the tips above. You might be surprised by how it easy it really can be to buy an affordable meal that won’t throw your entire weight loss journey off course.

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