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  • Which Is More Effective: Cutting Calories or Exercise?

    Cutting Calories or Exercise for Weight LossAs people from all over the world try to lose unwanted weight for one reason or another, some of them struggle to understand which is more effective: cutting calories or exercise.

    There is no debate that working out while reducing your caloric intake can produce quite significant results for weight loss hopefuls. Although both methods have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, it can be said that only one of them is the most efficient. In order to figure out which one that is, you will first need to understand the finer points of both techniques.

    Should you be focusing on cutting calories or exercise if you want to slim down with greater ease? Check out the information below to learn more so you can refine your weight loss strategy to get better results.

    Some Experts Believe Exercise Is More Important

    When asking the question of whether cutting calories or exercise is better for weight loss, you might find some disagreement among experts. You will certainly come across experts who believe that exercise is more important than counting calories.

    Getting plenty of exercise on a regular basis plays a key role in maintaining health and weight. Researchers have found that individuals who are able to not only shed pounds, but also keep it off for a long time, are the ones who focus on getting plenty of physical activity in throughout the week.

    Crash dieting is not the way to go if you are asking about cutting calories or exercise for weight loss. Rather than drastically reducing the number of calories that you consume, which might end up backfiring, causing you to gain the weight back before you know it, aim to get more physical activity into your daily life. Doing so can help prevent unwanted weight gain, it can help you shed the excess weight you’re currently carrying, and it can help you keep it off.

    • The Pros and Cons of Exercise: Getting enough physical activity is definitely important to attaining and maintaining optimal health, but that does not mean that it can do all the hard work for you. When trying to decide whether you should be cutting calories or exercise, you need to consider the fact that too much physical training can cause injury, create an unattractive or bulky physique, or make you actually pack on the pounds as opposed to losing them. To be safe, you should consult with a doctor or physical trainer before beginning any workout regimen.

    Some Experts Place More Emphasis on Cutting Calories 

    Some experts will say that cutting calories is the better way to go when it comes to losing weight more effectively.

    Here is what you would need to do: watch how many calories you eat every day, and then cut back on the number of calories that you are consuming. You want to be sure that you are eating fewer calories than the number of calories that you are burning through physical activity and exercise.

    Many people find that it is actually easier to cut back on the number of calories that they consume than it is to increase the number of calories that they are burning during every exercise session. If you are one of those people, and you are asking about cutting calories or exercise for weight loss, keeping a food diary and tracking your calorie intake might be the smarter way to go. 

    • The Pros and Cons of Cutting Calories: Although cutting back on the amount of calories you consume can eventually help you to lose a significant amount of weight, it can be rather dangerous if it is not done responsibly. By either cutting calories or exercise, a person can transform his or her body in noticeable ways, but malnutrition is a serious condition that should be considered when consumption is decreased. Be sure that you are still getting the recommended number of calories for your specific body type each and every day, and only reduce your intake after you have spoken to a professional.

    What About Doing Both? 

    Rather than choosing between cutting calories or exercising more, the ultimate answer might be to do both. That strategy is most likely to get you amazing results. However, just keep in mind that, according to Daily Mail, research has shown that this might also boost the risk of bone loss, so talk to your doctor for some helpful advice before getting started.  

    Which Is More Effective?

    When trying to figure out which is more effective: cutting calories or exercise, you should think about your own personal body type and weight loss needs. What works for one person might do the opposite of what’s wanted for another.

    For some people, cutting calories might be the appropriate answer, especially for those who have poor eating habits. For others, getting more active might be exactly what the doctor ordered. The secret is to figure out which one is more effective for you and to exploit that to your greatest advantage. Of course, if possible, combine the benefits of both so that you can develop an optimal physique.

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