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  • Easy Ways to Cut 200 Calories Every Day

    How to Cut 200 Calories Every DayLosing weight may feel like a never-ending process that sucks up all your willpower but there are several ways to make it less tormenting. You may have gone Paleo, sentenced yourself to a 3-month sweaty, ‘low-everything’ diet and yet you always relapse and go back to your same old self as soon as you come out of your self-inflicted 3-month prison, which puts you right back where you started. This turns into a cycle and you find yourself most of the year in that same prison.

    You may think the problem is your weak will or that this is just how your body is and you will always have six months of indulgence and six months of imprisonment for the rest of your life. However, this is not true. If you begin to accept that the problem is not your willpower but your reluctance to change your lifestyle, you will finally be able to do something about it. Believe it or not, you don’t have to keep torturing yourself with your cycle. Simple everyday lifestyle hacks in your daily routine could help you cut 200 calories every day!

    Here are some of them:

    Abstain from: Substitute it with:
    Orange Juice Infused Water
    Pasta Zucchini Pasta
    Barbeque Sauce Spice Rubs
    Potato chips Kale Chips
    Rice Cauliflower Rice
    Hamburgers Veggie burgers

    Abstinence and Substitution
    Yes as clichéd as this sounds, it’s important to make sure you tweak your daily eating routine which is stopping you from shedding those extra pounds. So, here are some foods you can avoid to cut 200 calories every day but don’t worry as you can substitute them with their healthy and equally mouthwatering counterparts:

    Retail Therapy
    Indulge in some old-school shopping therapy. You will shed 11 calories for every dress you try so that’s around 19 dresses to success!
    Mr./Ms. Fit Fidget
    Fidgety fit your way to cutting 200 calories every day. If you have a job where you spend half the day sitting on a chair in front of the computer, the best hack to losing those calories is by constantly fidgeting.
    Vacuum it Away
    For stay-at-home parents, instead of calling help, use the opportunity to clean the house to melt away those clingy calories. Add a bit of music and dance away the dust and calories rhythmically.
    Melt It Off In Silence
    Get your innate acting abilities to be your ally. Play a game of charades with your friends or family for an hour and act it all out.
    Paint Away
    Need to brighten up those gloomy walls you haven’t repainted for a while now? The best way to do it is by yourself. Get a bucket of paint and brush and paint away your cellulite.
    Bull’s Eye
    Hit your favorite hangout place and a play a game of darts with your friends.

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