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  • Is Counting Bites for Weight Loss A Better Way?

    Counting Bites for Weight Loss Instead of Calories

    You’ve heard of counting calories to lose weight. Who hasn’t? But, have you heard about counting bites for weight loss? Is this technique something that you should try instead of calorie counting if you really want to shed pounds more effectively?

    It’s True: Counting Bites for Weight Loss Can Work!

    According to HealthDay, multiple studies have determined that, if you count the number of bites that you take while you eat, you can actually lose weight.

    A Look into the Research

    Experts knew that dieters tend to inaccurately report the number of calories that they consume every day. That’s why they decided to perform a few studies in order to determine whether or not counting bites would be more accurate.

    It turns out that, with the help of wearable tech, counting bites is easy. Plus, the tech can even alert you to the fact that you have reached the portion limit for that meal. Just like you count steps to keep track of your fitness goals, you can count your bites to track how much you eat.

    How Can You Implement This Technique?

    If you’re interested in trying counting bites for weight loss, you can begin by figuring out how many bites you already take. Basically, you want to set a base amount of bites that you tend to take normally. Don’t change the way you eat. Instead, just keep track of each bite at each meal and each snack. Write down the number of bites, and do this for a week. This will give you insight into how much you are eating.

    Over time, you can reduce your number of bites so that you end up eating less, and losing weight as a result. A good place to start is reducing your total number of bites by 20-30%, according to experts. The key, though, is to do this for every snack and every meal, and avoid taking larger bites to make up for the difference.

    Overall, counting bites might be effective if you have been struggling with counting calories. Plus, it is a good way to practice mindful eating. Give it a try to see if it will work for you.

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