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  • Does the Carb Cycling Diet Really Work?

    Carb Cycling Diet informationThere are endless diet plans plastered all over the internet and now there’s something new that’s been trending: carb cycling. The carb cycling diet requires you to alternate between days where you consume high carbs and low carbs. This allows you to escape the poor consequences of staying on a completely low carb diet.

    When you stay on a purely low carb diet, it significantly affects your workout performance, increases pangs of hunger and cravings, decreases your metabolism and lowers your concentration levels. When you alternate between a high carb diet and a low carb diet, it helps you prevent those issues and thus, most people have an easier time sustaining the carb cycling diet.

    Here are a few facts about the carb cycling diet that can help you decide if it’s for you or not.

    Heavy Carbs Should Be Combined With Heavy Workout Sessions
    When you are planning your diet plan, you have to make sure you are eating high carbs on the days when you are planning to have an intense workout session. A full body workout is highly recommended for all the days you intend to eat high carbs so that your body is fueled. This will allow you to keep your strength and focus for training. Since you will be burning a lot of calories, it’s less likely that these carbs will be stored as fat.

    Diet Will Result in Water Weight Gain
    The days that you consume high carbohydrates, you are likely to gain some water weight. This is because every gram of carb makes you store 4 grams of water. The more carbs you eat, the more water weight you will be carrying. People who have a lean body are able to notice this difference right away, but it’s nothing to worry about because you are not gaining fat. As soon as you go back to your low carb diet, the extra water will flush out. So, you might be losing your body fat with this diet, but if you find the water weight gain uncomfortable, then this diet might not be for you.

    Eat Complex Carbs or High Glucose Carbs
    For the carb cycling diet, you want to consume carbs that come from glucose sources because your body has an easier time breaking it down. Complex carbs are similar because they eventually break down into glucose. You want to avoid carbs that come from fructose because your body has a harder time breaking it down.

    Decrease Fat Intake
    You should be limiting consumption of foods that are high in fat, but it should be completely avoided on the days that you are consuming high carbs. Without fat, you are less likely to increase your overall calorie intake. Your goal is to decrease at least 500 calories everyday to lose one pound a week.

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