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  • Creative Ways to Burn More Calories

    Creative Ways to Burn More CaloriesIf you are feeling troubled at not having enough time to exercise and, as a result, being unable to speed up your weight loss results, we have good news for you! Even if you cannot maintain an exercise habit, there are ways to burn more calories in a short amount of time so that you can see great results soon. Here are some creative ways to burn more calories:

    Get Involved

    Everyone has a favorite sport or activity he or she enjoys. It might be swimming, walking, jogging, basketball, baseball, squash, or something else entirely. Regardless, find an activity you like and spend an hour doing it. If you spend a lot of time with your family or significant other, you can plan partner or group activities that will help burn calories. Go for a walk together or play a game that will get your heart pumping. Any activity that gets your heart pumping will burn calories and help you lose weight.

    Go to the beach with your kids and spend time walking in the water. This is one of the toughest and most effective ways of burning calories, and even five minutes of walking in water is twice as effective as walking outside.

    Get Your Heart Rate Up Sooner

    People who slowly build up their pace burn significantly fewer calories as compared to people who push themselves to increase their speed soon after their warm-up. So, if you have limited time, push yourself harder and increase your speed, as this will help you burn more calories.

    HIIT It!

    HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is based on the concept that a short duration of high-intensity workouts burns far more calories than do moderate intensity workouts. So, even if you are performing a 15-minute, high-intensity workout, you will burn far more calories than if you otherwise spent an hour working out. High-intensity interval training also causes your body to keep burning fat for at least 16 hours after the workout.

    The Cheat Calories

    By “cheat calories,” we do not mean the calories you consume through cheat meals. No, cheat calories are those that you burn throughout the day. These are the “non-workout” calories burned by taking steps, staying more active throughout the day, and even parking your car further away from the office. These simple calorie-burners can boost your weight loss attempts without any significant time investment.

    Take a five-minute walk after every hour of sitting, or walk during commercial breaks when you are watching TV. You can also burn more calories if you speed up your activities—so jog instead of walking, and power walk instead of walking leisurely. You can also perform jumping jacks or jump rope instead of sitting while watching TV to burn even more calories.

    Simple activities can burn more calories if you set your mind to it. By fidgeting while sitting, you can burn significant numbers of calories, and doing little hops whenever you get the time will get your heart pumping into the fat-burning zone. Get creative with your exercise, and chances are you will enjoy it more and stick with it for the long term.

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