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  • Does Your Blood Type Affect Your Weight?

    Blood Type and weight

    There have been hundreds of scientific researches on weight gain and weight loss in attempts to find the most effective solution for keeping your weight in check. Which factors affect your weight, what slows down and speeds up weight loss are the questions that have been the subject of attention for ages. With new researches, there has been significant development and something that has recently come to attention is the role of our blood type in our weight. In other words, do our blood types play a key role in an individual’s metabolism as well as how easy or difficult it is for them to lose/gain weight?

    A Little Bit of Background on the Blood Type Diet

    The person who made the Blood Type Diet popular is a naturopath named Peter J. D’Adamo. He claimed that what you eat can react in a chemical way with your blood type. Therefore, if you were to follow a diet that was put together with your blood type in mind, your body would be able to do things like generate more energy and digest food more effectively. Plus, it might even help you reduce your risk of getting sick. Wow, that’s pretty impressive, right?

    Blood Type, Leptin, and Your Stomach

    According to researchers, the protein lectin plays an important role when it comes to blood type and how food affects a person as well as their weight. The role these proteins play when they interact with different blood types has revealed something interesting which can be put to use to discover more about this unique relationship between your weight and your blood group. And, according to these results, it has come to light that some foods have an adverse effect on the stomach lining of people of specific blood types. When consumed, these foods irritate the stomach lining and may cause bloating which becomes progressively worse and may cause leaching of energy and a constant state of fatigue.

    Eating for Your Blood Type

    As it turns out, if you replace these food items with foods that are suitable for you according to your blood type, you may be able to regain the lost vitality and health. Ideally, you should go consult a dietician who would be able to tell you what foods are right for you. By replacing the foods that cause a reaction with your stomach lining with foods that are good for you, you can improve your health and start losing weight.

    For blood type A, gluten has been seen to cause an adverse reaction, leading to weight gain and as a result, it should be replaced with gluten-free foods. It can also be said that gluten and grains cause an adverse reaction with several blood types and until you know exactly which grains cause a reaction, you should stay away from all grains.

    The Different Blood Types and the Foods You Can Eat for Each

    Once you know your blood type, how can you expect to eat for that type? Here is a brief overview to help you get started, but if you were to pursue this eating plan, you would need to do additional research into your blood type and its various needs.

    • Type A – for this blood type, it is best to consume a diet that does not contain any meat. The focus should be on foods like legumes, beans, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. It is also best to stick with foods that are fresh and organic.
    • Type B – for this blood type, you would need to avoid ingredients like wheat, corn, buckwheat, tomatoes, lentils, sesame seeds, and peanuts, as well as chicken. Instead, it is best to focus on green veggies, certain meats, low-fat dairy, and eggs.
    • Type AB – for this blood type, you should aim to eat green veggies, dairy, seafood, and tofu, while avoiding alcohol, cured or smoked meats, and caffeine.
    • Type O – for this blood type, a diet that is high in protein is best, so you would aim to get more poultry, lean meat, fish, and veggies into your eating plan, while minimizing ingredients like dairy, beans, and grains.

    The Research Isn’t Entirely Clear

    Research on this topic is mixed. No studies have yet proven that the blood type diet will definitely give you more energy and help your digestion. But, if you are following a diet like this one that encourages you to eat fresh foods while avoiding simple carbohydrates and processed foods, you are likely going to feel better and shed some pounds.

    In fact, according to WebMD, a study discovered that people who ate the Type A Diet (the one that is focused on following a plant-based eating plan), regardless of their actual blood type, lost the most weight and improved their health.

    So, the bottom line is that you don’t necessarily need to follow the blood type diet to get results. Just eat better overall, rather than restricting yourself so much.

    Eating for Your Blood Type: Talk to Your Doctor for More Advice

    Changing your eating habits for the better is a great way to improve your health and weight, regardless of what specific diet you choose to follow. You can live a healthier life if you start observing which foods make you feel uncomfortable and eliminating them entirely from your diet. This will help you find out which foods are good for you and they will not hinder your weight loss anymore. You might also want to look into the types of foods that are good for your blood type and eat mainly from these food groups.

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