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  • Is an Assisted Stretch Class Worth It?

    assisted stretch class worth it

    Have you heard of one of the latest fitness trends: the assisted stretch class? Well, you already know that rest and recovery is an important part of any solid workout routine, but did you know that stretching is also a great way to help your body heal and prevent injuries? That’s where assisted stretch classes can come in handy. That said, is an assisted stretch class really worth it?

    What Is an Assisted Stretch Class?

    You will be able to find assisted stretch classes at stretch studios. There, instructors will provide trigger point work while moving you through particular types of stretching in an effort to boost flexibility, improve posture and range of motion, increase oxygen and blood flow, help you relax, and more.

    Things to Consider

    Before you sign up for an assisted stretch class to reap all of the benefits that it can provide, there are some things that you should consider. First off, according to Shape Magazine, some experts feel that assisted stretching isn’t necessary because you can learn how to stretch on your own and still get great results. Plus, if you do decide to attend an assisted stretch class, it’s best to be sure that there are licensed professionals leading these classes in order to promote safety. Also, if you end up feeling pain at any point, it might be best to consult with a physical therapist or doctor.

    Stretch Before and After Your Workouts, Too

    While it is a great idea to take a rest day and focus on stretching your body gently, it is also important to stretch your muscles out before and after every workout. Aim for dynamic stretching before you start your exercise routine, and then end your routine with some static stretches. Don’t rush through stretching either. Furthermore, every now and then, you can also work with a chiropractor or massage therapist to help your body recover fully.

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