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    Phentermine (also known as Adipex in its brand name form) is a prescription weight loss drug that can be obtained only when it has been prescribed by a licensed doctor. Even if you visit your physician it will not necessarily be prescribed to you, just because you would like to lose weight. It is a drug that is meant for use only for individuals who are obese, and whose weight condition is causing them to experienced a heightened risk of certain dangerous medical conditions such as hypertension or type 2 diabetes. Other health conditions such as high cholesterol can also be considered risk factors associated with excess pounds that can justify a prescription of this drug.

    Many people feel that once they have Phentermine, they will automatically be able to lose weight without having to make the same changes that would be required without the assistance of the drug. Unfortunately, those people are not correct. Using this medication on its own will not cause the body to shed excess fat.

    Instead, using Phentermine is prescribed alongside the same type of healthy diet and daily exercise that you would need to practice without it in order to lose weight, except that the effects of the drug will help to overcome some of the struggles that can make those efforts challenging and unpleasant.

    For example, the leading complaint that is made about having to take part in a reduced calorie diet is that the hunger pangs can be uncomfortable enough to cause dieters to eat more food than they should. However, because Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, it makes it easier to build a habit of eating less food at every meal, because the hunger won’t be as strong.

    Furthermore, another struggle that is common when dieting is that dieters feel too tired to be able to keep up with a daily exercise program. The energy boost from Phentermine can help them to overcome that issue. The energy that they would typically receive from eating more calories is replaced through the powerful stimulation effect so that the patient can drive themselves to complete their workouts.

    Be sure to discuss with your doctor any medical conditions you have or medications that you may be taking now or that you plan to take while you will be using Phentermine. This is because this medication can cause conflicts and interactions that would make its use dangerous for some people.

    It is also important for you to understand that its use comes with a risk of certain side effects as well as a chance of addiction. Be well aware of these possibilities before you begin your Phentermine prescription.