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  • 4 Active Date Ideas That Double as Great Workouts

    fun and active date ideasActive date ideas aren’t your typical scenario, but who says a date has to be something like dinner and a movie? How boring is that?! Instead, you can make your date an adventure, as well as an opportunity to get active together and have a lot of fun.

    Check out the four fun and active date ideas below, as they are not only a great way to bond, but they are also a fantastic way to get in a challenging workout together.

    Active Date Ideas to Try for a Great Workout:

    1. Indoor Rock Wall Climbing

    Outdoor rock climbing is intense and intimidating, and too scary for most people. But that’s where indoor rock climbing comes in. With a team of experts to support and guide you, you could get yourself into a harness and safely make your way to the top of a rock wall indoors, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. This challenging workout is great for the entire body, as you have to use both your upper body and lower body muscles to make your way from the floor to the top of the wall. And this makes for a really fun date idea because you could both do something new, encourage each other through the whole process, and feel really accomplished in the end.

    2. Skating

    Whether you prefer indoor ice skating or regular skating is up to you and your date. Either way, this is one of the best active date ideas to bond with each other while having fun and getting in a solid workout. Considered a cross-training exercise that is easy on the joints, skating can help burn calories, boost your mood, improve your endurance and cardiovascular health, and improve your balance and coordination. And if your date doesn’t know how to skate, you could teach him or her how to do something brand new!

    3. Racquetball

    Another fun date idea that will double as a fantastic workout is a racquetball game. This is another great activity for using your upper and lower body muscles while also getting your heart rate up. So in addition to laughing with your date, you’ll be getting in a workout that will tone your muscles and help you lose fat.

    4. Dance Classes

    Have you ever watched couples dancing on TV and wished you could do the same? Well, you can by booking dance classes – one of the most romantic active date ideas of all! Look for dance schools in your area to find out if you and your partner could plan a date that will have you learning all new dance moves in no time. Whether you opt for a fun hip-hop class or a more sophisticated ballroom dancing class is up to you and your date, but either way, you will be surprised by how many muscles you work and how much of a cardio workout dancing really is.

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