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  • A Healthy 7-Day Cleanse to Lose Weight

    7-Day Cleanse directions There is so much misinformation out there about how to cleanse your body. Some health experts will tell you that you should never do a cleanse at all under any circumstance because they can actually hurt you in the end. Other health experts will tell you that some cleanses are okay but you have to be selective in what you do. If you are trying to lose weight you want to be very careful about the type of cleanse that you perform, and you want to be sure it’s pure and something you can sustain. The simple answer is that balance is crucial and that you don’t need any special product or pill to help you to detox, for a good 7-day cleanse to lose weight may be as simple as getting back to basics.

    There is a growing industry out there founded on taking certain products or going on restrictive diets all in the name of trying to lose weight through a detoxification method. The reality is that these products really aren’t needed if you cleanse properly. It’s a great idea to perform a cleanse every couple of months to help get the toxins out and get you back on track but it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything too formal. In the end it boils down to eating the right foods after giving your body a good break. This can be an extension of clean living, and therefore if you practice good habits and ensure that you give your body a chance to rejuvenate after a while, then you will be just fine. It really can work with simple methods!

    If you feel a bit unsure about what a 7-day cleanse looks like or what it should include, let’s break it down. As you will see this is just about making better choices moving forward, and ensuring that you give your body a chance to detoxify and rest the gut before you get back to normal and clean living.

    Stay away from the fads and just go for a lot of natural juices, teas, and water: It’s not about the latest cleansing fad or the product that is introduced to the market. These are not based on solid health principles, and not only are they unnecessary but they can actually hurt you if you don’t practice them properly. Start out by allotting a couple of days to just drinking most of your intake. You might eat one light meal a day, but you are going to get away from solid foods even for two days and focus primarily on natural fluids and water as the bulk of your intake. It may be hard, but it’s getting back to basics and fueling your body in a light and simple way.

    Replace two meals per day with a healthy juice or liquid to let the gut rest and recover: If you feel unsure as to how to focus on the best 7-day cleanse for weight loss specifically then think about how you will replace your meals. Again you want to aim to replace two full meals per day with a natural juice and then drink plenty of water in between. You don’t want store bought juices because you can simply juice on your own. Juice fruits and veggies and then drink them fresh, and just forget about the pre-made and processed versions that you can buy out at the store. You can make your own and see how well this works for you as you may feel hungry, but you also feel some relief when the gut has a chance to rest for a change.

    Slowly introduce light meals once per day and feature vegetables and fruits as the main source of food: You may want to eat one light meal per day and that’s okay, but keep it focused primarily on fruits and veggies for the first two days. As you move forward you can add to this but if you add too much of anything else into your diet you are counteracting what you have tried so hard to accomplish. Try to add in one light meal per day and then as you get used to this you can increase it, but the focus for awhile should be on loads of fresh fruits and veggies where you get a lot of value as you cleanse.

    Allow your body to heal, see how it reacts, and then get back to healthy eating: You will lose some water weight, but you don’t want to put it all back on. After you have set aside a couple of days and performed the 7-day cleanse for weight loss, then you spend the additional days in that week eating light. You will eat tons of salads, and you can slowly add in some protein and whole grains, but only a little bit at a time. You will find that you don’t crave the sugar or the unsavory foods as much and this is your body responding favorably. You want to continue with the momentum that you’ve built and that means that you keep up with clean eating beyond this week, and then you can truly hold onto your results for the long term.

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